“Communication for good” has been leading my professional path since I graduated in Visual Communication from the Ecole Boulle, in Paris. From the association I co-founded; Colectivo Piloto, to international NGOs, like Médecins Sans Frontières and intergovernmental institutions such as the United Nations in New York (3), where I worked as Website Consultant in 2015, I have always been seeking to “serve the cause” with my skills in communication and graphic design. Today I am the Head of Communications and International Relations of the first Emergency Technologies NGO; Télécoms Sans Frontières.

I am a creative communicator who can draft compelling stories as well as official discourse, who can produce visual communication supports for print and digital as well as capture photos and videos and I am not afraid to publicly advocate for the causes I serve.

Not attached to any place, but appreciating each one of them, I have a nomad mind who thrives in multicultural environments. I lived in France, Spain and in the US and traveled through all continents. I speak native French and Spanish, fluent English and have knowledge of Arabic and German.

*The views and opinions expressed in my blog are my own.