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If buying an existing business brings a lot of advantages to business owners (established clients, brand awareness, trained staff etc.) the transition can be a little bit trickier when it comes to social media and website.

That is the case of Grand Canyon Diner and MEX Carroll’s Diner.

In December 2014, when I met with the owner, the two businesses had duplicated pages on Facebook, Google+ and his Yelp account was locked. There were several websites, under different domain names owned by different online ordering companies. When Goggling these restaurants, all these pages were popping up, confusing the audience.

Since then, I have been working on homogenize this. I troubleshooted all the duplicated pages on his social media and started posting regular posts with relevant content and images. I worked on recovering the ownership of the domain names and helped the owner in buying and setting up a server for both restaurants’ new websites.

I designed MEX Carroll’s Diner and Grand Canyon Diner as simple static HTML/Sass websites, using Foundation Zurb.

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